About Rachel



                Rachel Page is a Registered Nurse, and Mental Health Advocate and Certified Wellness Coach (in training).

She advocates for the allocation of supportive resources, making access to support easier and readily available to everyone. She educates people to increase their knowledge to end the stigma surrounding Mental Illnesses. She provides people with the knowledge and skills to better understand their mental illness, and works with the client to empower them to discover ways to effectively cope using positive (and proper) adaptive techniques. Her mission is to provide tools that empower people to ignite their dreams, unleash their potential and fulfill their purpose.

Rachel has a unique understanding of mental illnesses due to her personal experiences with Depression, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder . She has published many articles detailing the struggles she encountered over the years, and how she learned how to effectively cope using a combination of different techniques. Her journey led her to her role as a Mental Health Advocate, due to the lack of available resources and professional help, and the negative experiences she had encountered while trying to navigate the healthcare system.

Rachel started her career in Community Nursing as a Home Health Nurse, Occupational Health/Requisite Nurse, Nurses Practice Council Representative, and Alternate Care Setting Clinic Nurse. Shortly after, she transitioned to Acute Geriatric / General Medicine, and currently works in Emergency Medicine.

Her dream has always been to work in Emergency Medicine. Although she does not plan to leave the emergency profession any time soon, her ultimate goal is to start her own E-coaching business within the near future. She will encompass cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques, and motivational interviewing skills to empower, inspire and support the client to reach their highest potential.